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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Contribution of Indonesian Youth for Next Economy Progress

Being a group of nations that competitive and progressive in this world is the main expectation of all the countries that exist with their community and nationality inside. We have to be sensitively responding all the things that happen around us. Success in various fields is not an instant thing which is easy to get. All of them must be done with the implementation. We could not deny that Indonesia right now is not as good as what we expected. There are still a lot of weaknesses and degenerations from every component of economics in this country. Especially in Economics sector. I want if Indonesian Economics has a better growth in the future.

Nowadays, Indonesia has creative and innovative young generation. They dare to provide job vacancies themselves. My parents and I have already proved it! We are running a cassava chips business where I have a role as a sales offering my parent’s production to Internet cafes and school cafeteria. On and on, our business was growing and we were able to create a new job vacancy for two people, it is indeed just a home industry. Didn’t mean to show off, but try to imagine if the whole young generation dare to take a risk in running Business and Trading with a small amount of capital. It has a possibility if the nation Economic Growth will advance significantly. Quoting from what SBY (President of Republic Indonesia)said that intellectual Curiosity must be planted in such early ages. In addition to, Jussuf Kalla (Vice President of Republic Indonesia)said that to be an Entrepreneur is like learning how to swim. It is futile if we read a lot of theory if we never try to practice in the water.
The more Entrepreneurs are in Indonesia, the faster of the growth of its
economics. So, we can rise the diplomacy of trading between Indonesia and another countries.

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